Cru Groups and Bible Study

Barker is committed to encouraging voluntary expressions of faith. To this end we have appointed a team of Youth Workers who run Cru groups on Friday lunch time and Year Group Bible Studies. These are voluntary groups for students wanting to meet with other Christians across the grades. Each week there is a mix of games, food and engaging Bible teaching. Our close partnership with the Crusader Union of Australia is a great help to us in this voluntary area.

These groups are a chance to meet and make friends with students from other year groups. They can be compared to a youth group meeting squeezed into 40 minutes. 

Small Groups @ Crusaders

Small Groups are especially designed for students to meet with others in their own grade. The Youth workers look after a Small Group for every grade from Year 7 to 12.

In Small Groups students are given the time to hang out, to chat about life in and out of school, to read the Bible and to pray for each other.

The atmosphere is relaxed but there are also regular opportunities to discuss different topics in depth. Some students have found Small Groups an ideal setting to explore the Christian faith for the first time.

In the past Small Groups have covered topics such as Living as a Christian 24/7, Relationships and Romans 1 - 4, each with overall aim of relating Christian faith to life at school.

Special Events @ Crusaders

Crusaders is involved in various special events throughout the year. In the past these have included See You at the Pole, Exoday and Combined Crusader outings at other schools such as Abbotsleigh and St. Andrews.

Our biggest event is the annual Senior School Weekend Away (SSWA) which happens in the first week of Term I. This is held at the Crusaders campsite in Galston and runs from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. The SSWA is open to all Senior students and is an excellent way to begin the school year.

We encourage our students to be involved in as many of these special events as possible. They are also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like minded students from other schools across Sydney.

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