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Course outlines

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Middle and Senior School
Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
7 Foundations: Barker; Jesus, Easter Foundations: Jesus Foundations: Old Testament Foundations: Lion, Witch & Wardrobe; Christmas
8 Stories: Bible Overview Stories: Luke's Gospe Stories: Les Miserables Stories: Reconciliation
9 Convictions: Evidence for God's existence/Trusting the Bible Convictions: Resurrection of Jesus/ Suffering & other Apologetic Questions Convictions: Ethics Convictions: Creating hope (homelessness)
10 Stories: Bible Overview Stories: Luke's Gospel Stories: Les Miserables Stories: Reconciliation
11 World Religions: Abrahamic World Religions Abrahamic/Eastern World Religions: Pluralism Alternative Religions
12 Investigating Australia's cultural & spiritual climate Interviews: An Exploration of How I Make Sense of Life Going Deeper  
Studies of Religion

Studies of Religion is a Board of Studies HSC endorsed course. It explores the origins, history, beliefs and practices of the major world religions and contemporary spiritualities, including Aboriginal spirituality.

The course equips students with an understanding of the major world-views and philosophies that underpin the belief and behaviour of individuals and their expression in contemporary life. Student understanding is deepened by visiting and talking with followers of various religions.

The course challenges a student's worldview, broadens their understanding, helps them to grapple with other ways of seeing the world, and prepares them for life in multicultural society.

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