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Dear Future, We Failed 

Collection of Works

Finn Baillie

My body of work is called Dear Future, We failed! The expressive form is photomedia. The intention of my body of work highlights the environmental impact of our actions on marine life.

The large coloured panels consist of images of different fish. The images of the fish have been abstracted to draw attention to the beauty of their colour and unique designs, which will be lost if we continue to degrade our environment. The metal sheets the images are printed on references the mining industry, a major pollutant of our waterways.  The photographic images have then been engraved on to plastic Perspex, further referencing materials that are contributing to the negative human impact on our natural world, as they infiltrate our air, water and soil. The engraved Perspex is a contemporary version of a fossil. As though the hard bones and tissues have become fused into the surface. An environment now built on plastic. This work is my response to the global emergency.