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Colour of Snow


David Yan

My artwork symbolises the integration of my Chinese and Australian culture. I have referenced an ancient Chinese poem in my work. The poem is about love and hoping for someone who understands your culture, your ways and nourishes your soul. The figure in my sculpture is dressed in a Cheongsam. 

In China, this article of clothing is a symbol of a compromise between traditional China and western influence. In this artwork it references my life in Australia and my Chinese values. The figure-hugging nature of the garment is a direct influence of western culture. In Chinese it is known as Qipao which is a formal dress symbolising beauty and elegance and is usually only worn for special occasions. The circular shape of the umbrella [yuan] in Chinese also carries the meaning of getting together. I have laser cut the objects to show the influence of contemporary culture on my traditional story. The work becomes an allegory for East and West.