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If I can’t see it, I can’t be it. 


Brianna Lollback

This body of work consists of six large-scaled canvases which each depict a woman who has been successful in their chosen male dominated profession. The large scale of the works command attention and is an acknowledgement of these women. 

The expressive brushstrokes symbolise the strength of their character and the bolshie attitude of these women. The intense gaze of each figure is both challenging and commanding to emphasise their resilience and perseverance, as they have utilised their hardship as a catalyst for opportunity and progression in their chosen field. The frames and bronze plaques draw a comparison to traditional portraiture that invariably honours males for their achievements in their chosen profession and hopefully further highlights the endemic inequality in society. My body of work subverts this by placing women in a position of power to allow them to be acknowledged for their contributions. These women have triumphed against great challenge.