As always, the Bodies of Work produced this year represent hours of hard work, dedication and creativity on behalf of our Year 12 students.

In challenging circumstances and under lockdown conditions, our Year 12 students have managed to capture some beautiful moments in their lives and open their souls for us to observe. There are some thought provoking works that tell some very moving stories of their own experience. Their skill is only matched by their courage to share their story with the viewers of their works. We are immensely proud of them.

From the depiction of personal experiences through beautiful drawings; photo media that sparks a conversation about climate change and its impact on our coral reefs; the dramatic landscape paintings of a property devastated by the 2020 bushfires; and the beautiful ceramics that celebrate a rich heritage; our students should be proud of the technically refined and beautifully meaningful Bodies of Work they have produced this year.

Congratulations to each and every student, to their families who supported them and to our Visual Arts Department staff who have guided and encouraged them throughout the creation of each and every project.

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Phillip Heath AM
Head of Barker College

Welcome to the 2021 HSC Visual Arts Exhibition.

The artworks before you represent countless hours of work, contemplated personal concepts and considered choices culminating in thought provoking Bodies of Work. We hope you enjoy the breadth and depth of the talent that the 2021 Visual Art cohort has produced, under difficult circumstances, this year.

I must thank my incredible team who have gone above and beyond for our young artists. This year our Year 12 teachers are Mrs Elston, Ms Dorahy and myself, assisted by Mr Ryan and Mrs Macdonald who have encouraged, guided and supported our Year 12s. 

We thank the parents for their support and the trust they have placed in us to guide our students through the artist’s process.  We would also like to thank our Year 12s, who have risen to the challenge and have displayed great courage to create technically refined and beautifully meaningful Bodies of Work. The grit and determination you have displayed to finish strong has been inspirational. May this be just the start of your artistic journey and may tales of your endeavours and many successes return to us.

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Tara Jongsma
Head of Visual Arts

Visual Arts Staff

Mrs T Jongsma 
Mrs K Elston
Ms M Dorahy
Mr A Love 
Mrs A Turner 
Ms R Latella 
Mr N Staas 
Mrs S Bowen
Mrs E Macdonald 
Mr T Ryan

Prize Winners

S&S Wholesale Technical Merit Award

The Technical Merit Award is awarded by our sponsor, S&S Wholesale. The Technical Merit Award is given to a student whose Body of Work displays a sophisticated level of technical skill in a chosen medium.

Manxi Zhang

Barker Artist Practice Award

This award is given to a student who has developed their artist practice and produced a Body of Work that displays excellence in practice and clarity in concept. 

Dani Sentonaris

Barker Art Ambassador Award

This award is given to a student who has embraced attending Art Access sessions and promoted the Visual Arts Department. 

Aryan Sethi

Eckersley’s Peer’s Choice Award

The Peer’s Award is awarded by our sponsor Eckersley’s for a Body of Work which is voted most popular by the Year 12 Visual Arts cohort. Each Year 12 Visual Arts student will be given one vote to nominate a peer whose work they deem their favourite.

Talia Curnow

Exhibition Catalogue