Do wattle seeds flown to space and back, grow quicker than seeds that have not been on the same journey? That is the question that Barker students will help to answer next year.

The School has been selected by One Giant Leap Australia Foundation who are sending native golden wattle seeds to the International Space Station on the SpaceX launch in December this year.

In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) the seeds will live in space for six months, returning to Australia in time for Science Week 2021.

Barker students will plant the wattle trees on our Hornsby campus and at our Indigenous campus, Ngarralingayil. Planting these trees at both sites will allow our students to explore the importance of these species to their local cultures and make linkages between traditional uses of the plant and western science. The Wattle in Space program will also be integrated into the School’s STEAM units.

The seeds are from the same seed lot and students will be asked to germinate and grow their seeds, recording data about the germination and seed growth.

The 12-month to two year project will result in the creation of a nationwide map identifying the location of Australia‘s 'space wattle’ trees.