The Boarding houses are full again for another year and we are excited to acknowledge all new students who have joined the Barker boarding family. 

Throughout the Term we have spoken to students who have just joined us from all over Australia including the Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Scone and Penrith. 

The start of the new year can bring a lot of nerves to our new boarders; however, the group of students have settled in and are excited to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

The routine of prep and study time after School has been appreciated, as students have been able to get their homework done, with the guidance of staff and supervising teachers on duty. 

Josh Crowther, in Year 10 from Scone, has said his start to boarding has been made easier with a welcoming environment and how nice everyone has been. 

“Everyone is so nice, I thought it was a first day thing, but everyone has been so friendly and this makes it so much easier,” said Josh. 

Josh is looking forward to developing his independence whilst at boarding and taking on more responsibility. 

“Living on campus will be a different experience and I am also looking forward to many opportunities. Whilst here, it is my responsibility and all in my hands. I don’t have my parents here, to tell me I have something on in the afternoon. I have to look after myself.” 

A challenge Josh has overcome throughout his first few weeks at the School is his organisation and attention to study time.

“When we have study time from 6:30pm to 8:30pm it’s good, but you do need to try and keep yourself motivated during study to make sure you finish all your work.” 

Nix Pryse Lloyd has come to Australia from England and has been living with her family on the Gold Coast before starting as a boarder at the beginning of the year.

She’s ready to face new challenges but also to take a step out of her comfort zone and be part of the Barker family.

“I was looking for a school in Sydney that was coed and Barker was the best option for us as well as having a big drama program. I’m into theatre production.  

“I think it’s important when you come outside your room you can meet more people and feel more comfortable and part of the community.”

Isaiya Katoa and Isla Juffermans have both expressed what they’re looking forward to most about boarding.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, I’ve already met many boarders. That’s been the best thing, just getting to know where they’re from and their background. I like that I have gotten to know students across other year groups as well,” added Isaiya. 

Isla is also looking forward to the new experience of boarding at the School. 

“The experience of boarding, making new friends and doing something different. It’s been a good transition,” said Isla.