Find your passion, enjoy what you do and have fun, were some of the messages members of the Australian Women’s Cricket team shared with students from Barker’s Junior School today.

Ellyse Perry, Rachael Haynes, Nicole Bolton, and Barker old girl, Alyssa Healy (2008) visited Barker College this morning to answer questions from the boys in the Junior School and assist with their training session.

The students were interested to learn what started the players’ cricketing careers. For Nicole Bolton and Ellyse Perry, both had grown up playing backyard cricket with their brothers.

“I was the bowling machine for my brothers,” Nicole said. “Cricket was always big in our family and and I played a lot of backyard cricket growing up in Western Australia.”

The Australian Women have just come out of a week-long training camp in Brisbane in preparation for the upcoming season which starts in Brisbane on October 22.

The Barker students were also interested to learn who the women’s favourite players were growing up.

“Definitely Ricky Ponting,” Alyssa Healy shared. “I loved watching how Ponting attacked the ball with his bat and he was always great in the field.”