Barker’s female athletes provided a dominating display of speed, endurance, strength, technique and savvy to win both the Intermediate and Senior divisions of the ISA Athletics Championships, held on Tuesday 5 September at SOPAC.

These victories contribute to the proud history Barker has had at these Championships over the last 20 years. Since 1997, the Barker team has now won the Senior first division 17 times and the Intermediate first division (made more difficult by our dearth of 15 year olds) 6 times. This is a fantastic achievement.

Both on the track and in the field, our athletes were sublime. Some outstanding individual performances included record breaking feats, displays of tenacity and personal bests.

Director of Girls’ Sport at Barker, Alison Cox said, “We were so proud of the athletes in the field, who achieved 11 first places out of 22 events. Of particular note were the record breaking performances of Tiana Death (Year 11), who achieved a Long Jump of 5.37m, Hannah Leechman (Year 10), who threw the shot put 11.36m, and Becky Rose (Year 10), who threw the javelin 34.03m”.

The athletes on the track were equally impressive - finishing in the top three places in every 200m event, and in the top two places in every 400m event. Mia Hemsworth (Year 10) won the 15 years Hurdles, 100m, 200m and Long Jump events. She ran the 200m in a record breaking time of 26.6s. Mia also produced an incredible performance to win the 15 Years 400m over some fresh athletes after a full day of competition. Another of many noteworthy performances was produced by Sophie de Montemas (Year 12), who defied the repeated attempts of a competitor to overtake her on the inside, to win the 18 Years 800m by a significant margin.

The day concluded with a decisive first place by the Senior Girls relay team of Jade Beeston, Sami McCormick, Abbey Hodge and Tiana Death, whose speed, changes and teamwork ensured Barker victory.

“We would like to congratulate all the athletes on their hard work over the season, their competitive spirit and their support for each other. Their success in the ISA Carnival is a fitting reward for their efforts,” Alison said.