As is the School’s custom, we were delighted to welcome back our High Achieving students from the Class of 2022, recognising their outstanding results at a special School Assembly. 

“The leaving year of 2022 was one of our most outstanding,” Mr Phillip Heath said. “They accomplished so much including three students who achieved the maximum possible ATAR; three students who placed first in state in their course and 17 placegetters across 14 subject areas.”

“There are so many achievements to celebrate, not least, the numerous students who lifted their scores, some by up to 100 places, in their final year, through their hard work.

“180 students achieved a Band 6; 1/5 of the year group achieved an ATAR over 95; with a 1/3 of the students achieving an ATAR over 90.

“We recognise the Class of 2022 for their leadership in the life and culture of the School,” Mr Heath said.

Chair of Barker’s School Council, Mr David Charles (Class of 1975) said, “What you did is an expression of Barker’s vision to be a leader in education. Barker strives to be a place of hope and joy and you have acquitted yourselves very well.”

Joanna Kong, Austin Lin and Roy Cai achieved the perfect rank of 99.95.  They were three of only 48 students across NSW to achieve this result.  Each student embodied the School’s motto of ‘honor non honores’.

“Procrastination is the hardest thing to overcome in Year 12,” Joanna shared at the Assembly.  “I was involved in a number of co-curricular activities, from Music and Sport to Footprint and Duke of Edinburgh.  A busy schedule really helped me to manage my time and to allocate it appropriately.”

Roy Cai, who will be studying Medicine this year, shared how grateful he was for everything that is Barker.

“Appreciate your teachers,” Roy said. “They will support you, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them.”

Finally, Austin’s advice to the students was, “Get involved with all that Barker has to offer.  This is your final chance to experience all that the School provides.  Don’t get to the end of Year 12 and have any regrets.

“Your best is always enough. But make sure it is your best!”