Over the break, the Junior School space expanded into what we are referring to as Junior School East. Junior School East is an extension to the previous classrooms to provide additional learning areas and classrooms for Year 5 and 6 students.

The students were thrilled to be using the classrooms which had been prepared by their classroom teacher in the days leading up to the beginning of Term.

Martin Lubrano, the Head of Junior School, is “grateful to be in the space so quickly” and explained the positive impact the newly opened area will have on learning.

“This is a wonderful space, a great learning environment for our students in Years 5 and 6.

One of the key things about these spaces is flexibility, we’ve added new furniture into the classrooms to ensure the children have the best opportunity to suit their learning needs and the type of activities that they’re doing. It enhances the learning environment, the engagement and helps them through their day.

We have the flexibility where the classrooms doors can open, allowing students and their learning to move out into the corridors. A fantastic opportunity to make collaboration between the classrooms so students can work together on different activities.”