It gives me great pleasure to provide you with the exceptional HSC results from the leaving Class of 2022.

On behalf of over 17000 alumni whose ranks you join, congratulations. From the scores of teachers, coaches and mentors over your 13+ years of education, congratulations to each and every student. We give thanks to the Lord for the blessing that the 2022 Year 12 has been to our community.

The Class of 2022 brought us to new heights in creative and performing arts, in community action, in academic leadership. There were also record numbers of students applying and receiving Early Entry offers into their chosen course.

Three students achieved an ATAR of 99.95 – Austin Lin, Joanna Kong and Roy Cai. They are amongst only 48 students in NSW who received the perfect ATAR and the School is incredibly proud of their hard work, commitment and this outstanding result. This is in addition to three students who achieved an ATAR of 99.90!

We extend congratulations to Joanna Kong who led the state in Modern History, Tom Vercoe who topped Legal Studies and Charlie Recchia who took home first in Latin Extension. We also acknowledge the 14 other places our students achieved, the results of which can be seen in the pages that follow.

In addition, there were 25 All-Rounders (achieving top Band results in 10 or more units). It is inspirational to note that these students contributed to the broader Barker community through an extensive range of co-curricular and service activities.

Barker is equally proud of the countless students in our graduating year whose efforts surpassed their own aspirations, demonstrating once again that the diversity of the School is a strength. To one, to all, we offer our deepest admiration and thanks.

While the HSC results for students and subjects are released to schools, the ATAR scores were released confidentially to the students alone. Barker is a non-selective school and we are greatly encouraged to see the exceptional effort that our students invested in their work. This augurs well for their future in whatever endeavour they choose to pursue. We continue to be competitive with schools that have selective student cohorts.

The HSC League Tables published in the media, whilst a useful guide for observers, fail to capture the countless stories of outstanding effort by students who lift themselves into higher bands by consistent and focussed efforts. I honour them for their dedication. The Heads of Department, Heads of House and all staff are also to be congratulated for their support of their students.

We wish every student the continued blessings of the Lord for a life of fulfilment ahead. We will watch their future with a thankful heart and remind them we are at the ready to care for them all their days.


Phillip Heath
Head of Barker College

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