Twenty-one Australian students have won selection to represent Australia at the UNESCO-sanctioned International Physics Olympiad team - the world’s toughest science competitions for high school students.

Year 12 student, Austin Lin, is one of the 21 talented young science Olympians selected. Austin will compete at the International Physics Olympiad which will be held virtually in July. He will compete against more than 1,000 of the smartest high school students in the world.

Austin was surprised when he had heard he made the Australian team and was through to the next selection process. He was invited to the blazer ceremony at the end of Term 2 held in Canberra.

“The blazer ceremony was very exciting. I got to meet students from other disciplines and their teachers for the first time. The Minister for Industry and Science also attended, as well as Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Cathy Foley who wrote us all a letter,” Austin reflected following the event.

He also shared advice for current students, who may wish to achieve the same results.

“The best thing to do is to reach out to past students who have gone through the process before and talk with your science teacher about it. I think you should also focus on developing your scientific thinking and skills rather than just learning content, because that's what the selection exams are trying to test. Other than that, enjoy the process however far you get and keep trying no matter how hard it seems”, Austin stated.

Head of Science, Virginia Ellis, said, “It was special I was able to attend the event in Canberra, on behalf of the School, to show support on this tremendous achievement,” Virginia said.