The Class of 2018 was a memorable group somewhat representative of a much larger group of Alumni who have gone on and achieved so much.  The Academic Assembly provides an occasion for the School community to say to these young people who represent their entire year cohort - well done.

In his address to this special Assembly, Head of Barker College, Mr Phillip Heath AM, said that what made him most proud of this cohort was not just their academic achievements, distinguished as they were, but that they were all people of tremendous character, wonderful resolve and enormous commitment.

"These are the kind of things of which we are proud.  Hidden behind the league tables of schools are stories of enormous effort.  Students who lifted their grades far beyond what anybody might have imagined.

"There are also stories of enormous artistic capacity and brilliance," Mr Heath said.

The Class of 2018 achieved one of the greatest number of Band 6s in the history of the School and also achieved the largest number of top 10 places in the School's history. Caitlin Marinelli received a top ten place in each of her three English subjects - an outstanding achievement.  Caitlin was placed 3rd in English (Advanced), 6th in English Extension 1 and 8th in English Extension 2.

"I always really liked English and planned to do a lot of English for my HSC," Caitlin said. "My advice to students is to try and get copies of English essays from people who have been through the HSC - use these as a template to model your own essays so that you can continue to develop and improve your writing."

Alice Jeffrey, spoke on behalf of the Class of 2018 and offered to the current Year 11 and 12 students her suggestions for doing well in the HSC.

"There is no golden rule to a happy and healthy HSC," Alice explained. "However, every student at Barker has the potential to finish the HSC in a position that they will be proud of.  It's not going to take a genius IQ or a photographic memory, or some magical solution.  What is required is the grit and determination to push through anything that the year will throw at you.

"Stay motivated. Don't lose sight of the bigger picture and smash it out of the park!" Alice said.