Charlotte Moffat

'The Rainbow Fish' Children's Book-Inspired Textile Artwork

Charlotte based her Textile Art piece on the imaginative story called ‘The Rainbow Fish’, illustrated by the artist Yellena James.

The objective of this Textile Arts piece is to be aesthetically pleasing whilst exploring the theme of the book. Charlotte expressed her creativity through the colours, fabrics and textures used in the work.

This Textile Arts piece uses a range of fabric manipulation and decorative techniques to show an imaginative ‘under the sea’ world and represent the fins and scales on the fish and the surrounding environment. Charlotte applies creative techniques such as; marbling, wool felting, free-motion machine embroidery, beading, applique, Canadian smocking and jelly plate printing. She intends her textile artwork to be displayed within a children’s library and the various textures are intended to be touched and closely observed by the visitors.