Luke Friend
Japanese inspired Evening Gown
Penny Lovell
Textile Artwork of a Butterfly
Evie Malone
Ballet Costume: Corset and Skirt
Anna Marcu
Romanian Culture - Inspired Dress
Jasmine Sims
Organza and Satin Cocktail Dress
Kayley Collins
Irish Dancing Costume
Sophia Dalla Palma
Textile Artwork: Cockatoo
Georgia Donehue
Kimono and Belt
Alana Akopian
Architecturally Inspired Cocktail Dress
Tom Entwistle
Oversized Artist Inspired Hooded Coat
Annabelle Hendry
Geometric Dress
Gracia Kang
Pop Culture-Inspired Corset and Pants Set
Charlotte Moffat
'The Rainbow Fish’ Children’s Book-Inspired Textile Artwork
Caitlin Skeggs
Fitted Jacket and Short Set
Riya Swarup
Contemporary Top and Skirt Set