Jackson Burton
Display Cabinet with Feature Shelf


Ningali Forrest-Freeman
Contemporary Desk with Resin Feature Top


Annabelle Hendry
Multipurpose Desk with Top Storage


Ethan Landy-Ariel
Hall Table with Natural Edge Feature Shelf
Michael Legovich
Trapezoidal Coffee Table with Glass Top
Angus Thompson
Contemporary Modular Desk in New Guinea Rosewood
Jenna Wall
Foosball Table with Parquetry Panels
Tara Collins
Traditional Timber Longboard
Israel Dedeigbo
Bespoke Camper Van Kitchen and Bed
Ross Mackay
Acoustic Guitar
Sophia Maltman
Custom Timber Armchairs
Jacobus Marais
Modern Sitting Room Centrepiece
Jack Mortimer
Custom Designed Study Desk
Lucas Piper
Modern Coffee Table


Caiden Saunders
Modern TV and Sound System Corner Cabinet
Flynn Stapleton
Fish Style Surfboard with Hollow Construction
Edward Taylor
Hollow Core Timber Surfboard
Chloe Thong
Georgian Style Hallway Desk
Nathan Woodley
Modernist TV Cabinet