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The completion of a Major Project is a significant achievement. Every student has their own unique story to tell as to how they sought to meet the needs of their family or the wider community.

This year’s projects are no different and once again I am amazed at the level of complexity, skill and thought that has gone into each of these major works.  More so this year has been the inclusion of cultural and social awareness within some of the projects. 

The outdoor ‘Indigenous Primary School Landscape’ to promote learning at our Wollombi campus; a resin table with a carved snake intwined in the leg frames; and the ‘Elderly Breach Solution’ which identifies patients suffering from Alzheimer’s who try to leave the boundaries of the nursing home, are just a few of these innovative projects.

Congratulations to each and every student, to their families who supported them and to the Design and Technology Department staff for guiding and encouraging them.

Phillip Heath AM
Head of Barker College

Year 12 2020

Congratulations, to all the Year 12 Industrial Technology, Textile and Design and Design and Technology students of 2020.

Completing a Major Project is a significant achievement for a Year 12 student. Even more so during the unsettled year that we have had. Students studying Industrial Technology, Textiles and Design and Design and Technology have managed a range of resources in a limited timeframe to produce projects that seek to improve people’s lives.

Student completing a Major Project aim to design and produce a solution that is superior to an existing solution or a solution for a need that is currently not being met.

The latter is more difficult because the path to follow is less known and requires more testing and evaluation. However, all students who complete a Major Project are required to:

  • observe closely to evaluate existing solutions and to design improvements
  • demonstrate high quality technical skills in production, using a variety of tools and machines
  • and communicate effectively by documenting the research, development, testing, production, and evaluation of the project.

The demands of completing a practical project are challenging and the students have learnt resilience as they worked through difficulties and mistakes to develop appropriate solutions. Major Projects require persistence and courage and our students have grown significantly through this process. During this difficult year students who have completed a Major Project have improved their well-being. The project provides a strong symbol to the student of their capability. Their ability to work through difficulties and produce high quality work that is visual and tangible, is admirable. This perception is validated further when other people provide positive feedback.

To all the Year 12 Industrial Technology, Textiles and Design and Design and Technology students of 2020; we are proud that you have taken on difficult work and produced credible results. We wish you well in your future endeavors beyond the Mint Gates and know that you will do well because of the experience that a Major Project prepares you for.

Darren Woodrow
Head of Design and Technology