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The completion of a Major Project is a significant achievement. Every student has their own unique story to tell as to how they sought to meet the needs of their family or the wider community.

This year’s projects are no different and once again I am amazed at the level of complexity, skill and thought that has gone into each of these major works.  They have been produced during the most   challenging of circumstances and during the height of an extended lockdown. 

From a sustainable alternative system to plastic takeaway packaging; to a creative magazine aimed at destigmatising substance abuse and mental disorders;  and a walking aid to help improve the balance of older adults and decrease the number of falls, these are just a few of these innovative projects.

Congratulations to each and every student, to their families who supported them and to the Design and Technology Department staff for guiding and encouraging them.

Phillip Heath AM
Head of Barker College

Year 12 2021

Despite the extenuating challenges of this year, our students have achieved exceedingly well and produced an excellent range of projects

Several projects were created in response to personal interests, surf-board, traditional violin, golf caddie holder, writing desks and a range of apparel items. Many students were focused on the needs of others; emergency shelter, architecture to improve well-being, projects that recycle plastic, tables, cabinets, improved transport systems, publications to educate society and aides to help the elderly. 

Each project develops from close observations and investigation of the user’s needs, creative exploration in the design development, testing of materials, media and manufacturing processes and the skillful use of tools and machines.  Navigating these processes requires curiosity, good planning, project management and persistence. Once again our students’  have not shied away from the challenge. They have grown significantly through their experience and learnt how to manage the different areas of a multifaceted project, what it takes to produce quality work and most importantly how to coordinate a process that enables a major project to be completed on time.

Congratulations to all of the Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textile and Design students. We are extremely pleased with your efforts this year. Sincere thanks is extended to all of your parents and guardians who have supported you through a difficult journey this year. Thank you to all of your teachers; Anita Turnbull, Tim Grimes, Nathan Staas, John Dennison and Phil Barden. Thank you to Raymond Howes for mentoring Ben Lam through the making of his violin. And thank you to our technical support staff, David Kirley, Steve Wassell, Alastair Pilley and Tim Ryan who have also provided an additional layer of safety and support to our students during the Covid months. 

To the class of 2021, may the success that you have achieved in your Major Projects provide a strong reference for self-belief beyond the Mint Gates. I encourage you to believe in the gifts that God has given you and to design and shape a better world for tomorrow. 

Darren Woodrow
Head of Design and Technology