Building for the Future

The very best of facilities and resources for teaching and learning of our students has been made possible by the generosity of successive generations of the Barker Community.

Parents or past parents and even grandparents of students attending the School, and friends of the School have encouraged and supported the Foundation with their time, energy and money.

Some of the projects the Foundation has supported at the School include:
  • Centenary Design Centre
  • Aquatic Centre and its refurbishment
  • Hornsby Hundred Building
  • The Foundation Science Centre
  • The McCaskill Music Centre extensions
  • RE Kefford Building 
  • Refurbishment of the Junior School and Junior School East additional classrooms
  • Rosewood Centre
Future projects to be completed include:

These facilities will benefit not only today’s students but future Barker students too and will help to ensure Barker remains at the forefront of educational excellence catering for all students who have a range of interests and develop their skills and talents.

As The Rev John Griffiths (former Chairman of the School Council and Old Boy from the Class of 1946) said "Barker's riches lie within its community; members of whom give so generously of their time, energy and money."
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