Debating & Public Speaking

Debating & Public Speaking

Barker has a long and proud tradition of Debating. There is an extensive programme running from Term 1 to Term 3, which provides opportunities both for those who have some experience of Debating and those who would like to learn the art of Debating.

Barker participates in both the CAS and ISDA competitions as well as the Hornsby Shire Council’s Great Debate. Each year different and new events occur, including training days at Universities, and special demonstration debates.

Valuable long-term skill

Debating is arguably among the most valuable long-term skills students acquire at school. It requires quick thinking, fluent presentation and excellent teamwork.

The ability to communicate confidently and articulately with an audience is a valuable skill and one which can be developed while at Barker.

There is a program of inter-house and year group competitions for the Middle School students. Senior School students enjoy participating in seminar style workshops that provide an opportunity to hear from past students and professional presenters in the field of public speaking. These seminars focus on the skills needed to speak with dignity and conviction.

Barker participates in both the Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award as well as the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award. We also participate in the Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition and in 2009 and again in 2011 Barker was awarded this prestigious and honourable award.