The Barker College Cadet Unit (BCCU), founded in 1900, plays an important part in the School's educational programme, with its emphasis on personal development and promotion of leadership. Cadets are encouraged to develop initiative, self-discipline and self-reliance.

Boys from Year 8 to Year 12 and girls from Year 10 to Year 12 are invited to take part in Cadets. In Year 8 during Term 2, boys elect to do either the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DEAS) or Cadets, or both, in order to fulfil their Outdoor Education commitment in Middle School. An initial commitment of 10 months must be given by all students when joining the Cadet Unit and a student's commitment to DEAS ceases at the completion of their Bronze level.

Camps and Bivouacs

An Annual Camp and weekend Company bivouacs are held throughout the year, as well as a variety of other outdoor activities. Barker Cadets are trained in a number of areas including Navigation, Communication, First Aid, Camp Craft, Bush Craft, Field Craft, Drill and Ceremonial Leadership and Adventure Training.

The Barker Cadets Adventure Training motto, 'Victory through strength and unity' challenges students to challenge themselves. Each cadet who completes this training demonstrates resilience, fortitude and integrity.

Each year, the Cadet Unit is proud to commemorate those Barker Old Boys who have served and still serve today, at its Church Parade. This is an important event in the Cadet calendar as it instils in our young men and women the importance of service and leadership in their lives.

The Annual Camp of the BCCU is the largest single logistics activity conducted at Barker which is solely self contained. Approximately 350 Cadets, parent helpers and staff spend nine days in a standing bush camp enhancing the skills and capabilities learnt through the months of training.

Ceremonial Parade

Each year, the Barker College Cadet Unit honour the service of the Year 12 Cadet leaders and members at the annual Ceremonial Parade held on Barker Oval. 

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